Auto Insurance in Washington State

Auto Insurance Can Save Your Life

Your chances of being involved in a car accident this year are roughly one in 18*. But, if that happens,how do you rate your chances of being properly protected with good car insurance?

That may be more difficult to say … unless you got your automobile insurance through Libke Insurance Associates Inc.

We've been protecting drivers in Washington since the early days of automobiles and we know how to secure the best possible protection, even for drivers with a limited budget.

That's because we're an independent broker, not tied to one particular vehicle insurance company, so we can shop around for you and negotiate a great deal. We often can also secure great additional auto insurance discounts for things like safe driving records and vehicle security.

The Libke Vehicle Insurance Program

At Libke Insurance Associates Inc, we customize our automobile insurance plans to the needs of each individual customer. Options include:

  • Mandatory liability car insurance for injury or damage you cause to others and their vehicles, including medical costs and lawsuits.
  • Damage to your vehicle resulting from a collision you cause with another vehicle or object, or a flip-over.
  • Medical costs for you and your passengers (including liability settlements).
  • Theft of or from your vehicles or damage caused by vandalism or fire.
  • Auto insurance for you when you drive someone else's car.
  • Protection when another at-fault driver is uninsured or under-insured.
  • Special Washington rates for teens, young drivers and seniors.
  • Automobile insurance for classic cars.

We can walk you through all these options and more, work to your budget, and support you if you have to file a claim.

Find out more now about how to get properly protected with vehicle insurance and still save money through the Libke Insurance Associates Inc Free Quote service. Just click the button on this page. There's no obligation but you could be about to get the best car insurance deal available.

*Property Casualty Insurers Association of America