Health Insurance

Who Else Wants a Lifetime of Good Health and Financial Wellness?

Life without health insurance is like living on a high wire. At any moment, your balance could slip, causing a serious injury that could last a lifetime. In fact, long after the health issue is healed, you could be deep in a financial pit that forever sucks the joy out of life.

However, fear of financial disasters caused by health issues will disappear when you contact Libke Insurance Associates in Wenatchee. Our health plan experts will help you decide on the individual health plan that will see you through life.

Confused by the Health Care Alphabet Stew?

We’re not. We understand the nuances, strengths and weaknesses of HMOs (Health Maintenance Organizations), PPOs (Preferred Patient Providers), and HSA (Health Savings Accounts). Also major medical, basic hospital, discount plans and much, much more.

Using the various options available we will craft the perfect healthcare plan for you. It will be matched to your needs and be efficient and affordable.

Libke Insurance Associates Serves all of North Central Washington

Libke Insurance Associates services all of the residents in North Central Washington. We have four offices—in Wenatchee, Chelan, Twisp and Omak.

We not only comprehend individual healthcare insurance in Washington, we understand how the ever-changing regulations and procedures from the government impact the people of our state.

Get started today! Come visit our office, give us a call or simply fill out the Protection Savings Form on this page right now. Nothing is more important than good health. However, a close second is the peace of mind that comes with knowing you are protected in all the vital areas of your wellness.